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The Coolest Gadget for the Hot Summer This Year

The temperature has been heating up, and so are the latest photography/videography gadgets for people on-the-go. Whether you’ll be getting out for adventures in nature or exploring around the city with friends, you’ll want to take a look at the SmartCine to make your summer pictures and videos as awesome as the adventure itself!

The definition of photography and videography has evolved tremendously over the past few years - from what used to be done through giant, heavy-duty equipment to the creative posts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to the pocket-sized iPhones and smartphone that we carry all the time.

If you’re a savvy traveler who shoots with a smartphone regularly, you probably feel familiar with the following complaints:

- I almost dropped my phone….

- My photos are so blown-out (too bright or too dark)…

- The sound is terrible…

- What a shaky video!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could help you quickly take photos or video in any light condition while capturing quality sound? Something that is small enough to fit in any bag - or even in your pocket? A 21st-century smartphone video kit?

Well, it’s about time! The upcoming SmartCine can help with all of that.



The SmartCine is an all-in-one kit for adding video production superpowers to any smartphone. It is incredibly compact, effective, and inexpensive.

Pro Microphone – Pro Audio: Highly enhanced sound quality

LED Light Ring + Lens – Cinematic Visuals: Dramatically improved lighting capability and visual quality

Portable Rig – Smooth Movement: Take stable shots on-the-move. Fits any phone.

For starters, if you are out on the beach, the stabilizer allows for steady motion in videos and much better angles for taking pictures - all without the worry of dropping your phone in the sand or water.

As the sun sets it gets a lot darker out and smartphones are not great at dealing with those low light conditions. But the SmartCine has an LED ring light with three brightness levels to light up your subject, so you get less grainy and less blurry pictures.

It also comes with a wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens to let you take pictures that capture all of the action - be it everyone hanging around the bon fire or the awe-inspiring view you just got to at the end of a hike.

And if you are thinking of documenting your journey along the way with some short video clips - and making a vlog or montage of the adventure – you’ll want to make sure you have some decent audio! No one wants to hear muffled or low-quality sound, which is why the SmartCine has a built-in pro-quality stereo microphone. Now you can record all the video you want and really capture the sounds of nature, the crashing of waves on the beach, or the ridiculously bad karaoke your friend is trying to do.

It is finally time for the summer adventure you’ve been planning and dreaming about all year. You’ll be prepared for anything, without bringing a big pile of gear, when you can have the SmartCine!

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