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  • Introduction to Wireless Microphone Systems

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    Conventional wired microphone systems convert sound captured into an electrical audio signal that is sent through a cable and into the sound system. Wired systems are generally found to deliver higher quality audio when compared to wireless systems. However, when multiple different devices are all wired up the stage or studio can easily become an entanglement of wires and freedom of movement can be limited. This is where wireless microphone systems excel.

    Wireless microphone systems work by converting audio signals created by the microphone into radio signals. The audio signals are sent by the transmitter to the receiver, which then converts the radio signal back into audio signals which can be used by the sound system. Wireless systems completely eliminate the need for cables maximizing your freedom of movement and adding simplicity to your set up.

    Movo Photo offers a range of wireless microphone systems for any need: 

    The WMIC50 is a cost effective, and easy to use option. It pairs one transmitter with one receiver, operates at the 2.4GHz frequency, works with DSLRs and video cameras, and has a range of 164'.  

    At only $99.95, it's perfect for people just getting started with wireless microphones.

    For professionals who need a more sophisticated set up, Movo Photo offers the WMIC70 and WMIC80 systems.

    Both these wireless microphones offer professional audio quality - perfect for on-camera interviews, ENG, independent filmmaking, and more. Both systems broadcast on the UHF frequency range, and provide dozens of transmissions frequencies to choose from, so you can use multiple systems even in crowded or urban environments.

    The WMIC70 is a one transmitter to one receiver system available for $179.95

    The WMIC80 offers two transmitters to one receiver, allowing up to two people to be recorded at the same time. A great deal at only $299.95

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  • New Product - WMIC80 Wireless Microphone System

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    Let’s briefly explore the All-New Movo WMIC80 an Ultra High Frequency and Dual Wireless lavalier microphone system!  Whether you're recording and transmitting audio from a wedding, social event or even an up and close interview the WMIC80 will provide premium HD audio for your varied needs. You can attach your wireless receiver unit directly to your shoe mount on your camera to sync the audio right to your camera.

    The WMIC80 with (2) included  omnidirectional lavalier microphones clips easily to your shirt with the lapel clips while you attach the transmitters to your waistband or belt for easy portability and comfortability from a long distance.These mics provide uniform frequency response and limit unwanted noise pickup.

    Another awesome feature is that the included mics while proprietary are not wedded to your system. You can interchange the lavalier microphones for most third-party microphones. The WMIC80 comes standard with cable adapters for microphones with both 3.5 mm and XLR connections.  

    Finally one of the best and most practical features of the system is the stylish Movo Hard Case for your equipment and accessories.  There is a compartment for each piece of your system and is indispensable on shoots. All-in-all the WMIC80 Wireless by Movo arms you with everything you need to capture top tier audio at a price point we are proud of.

    *More Fun Facts: The Movo WMIC80 Operates over frequencies of 584 MHz-607.4 MHz. It features 2 groups of 48 selectable channels (96 unique frequencies) and can operate and connect at over 330 feet (more than a football field away!).

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